Ganesh Toasty

Hailing from Chennai, photography shaped his destiny when Ganesh decided to follow his heart’s true calling. He is a self-driven fashion photographer who embarked on his photography career in the year 2013. Fostering creativity at his core, he conceptualised divergent concepts and story ideas that brought alive his perceptions. His passion towards photography allows him to experiment every possible sphere.

Photography is a subject that throws numerous challenges; and being a photographer, it is important to bring the luminance into every detail of the image being captured. Images are to be felt, they should spur the emotion in you, that’s when the passion turns into action

says Ganesh V.

Ganesh is a Profoto mentor. Clicking pictures and capturing his vision keep him enthralled and shape his perspectives. His wholesome images pave way to look into distinct varieties of style, aspects and a treasure trove of discoveries. His eyes grasp in every detail and he’s a seasoned authority when it comes to precision which is why his pictures stand out.

  • Genre - Fashion
  • Location - Chennai
  • Profoto Gears - B10 & B10 plus