Lakshya Chawla

Lakshya Chawla is one of India’s prominent wedding photographers, has covered more than 300 weddings, out of which 100 were shot overseas. His sharp instincts and alertness allow him to capture life-changing moments in perfect timing.

Having done an MBA, Lakshya never considered photography as a viable career option and pursued it solely for burning love and passion. Shooting his sister’s marriage in 2013 and ending up with stunning photographs changed his life and brought him several demands for wedding photography.

Lakshya combines his deep understanding about digital marketing, new venture planning, consumer behaviour, and others along with his photography business, through which he founded Shutterdown, capturing wedding stories across the globe including places like Austria, Germany, Prague, Thailand, UAE, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. and winning a dozen of national and international awards.

  • Genre - Weddings
  • Location - Delhi
  • Profoto Gears - Profoto A1