Steady Efforts Make A World of Difference

One of the best practices of giving back to society, CSR, a significant effort every business takes, is no longer demarcated by how much the company contributes but instead by their active involvement and their sentiment. Srishti Digilife ardently shares the same belief and goes an extra mile in supporting economic, social and environmental causes in the society.

Through this active involvement and intentional decision making, organizations surpass set benchmarks, by not only contributing to individual wealth but also significantly improving community wealth. With this growing realization and our unwavering work ethic, Srishti has always carried out morally upright actions.

Our director, R. Vijayakumar has committed himself to educate children from the lower income groups for the past 10 years. His steady inspiring vision stems from his belief that education is a basic need, not any different from food, water or shelter and a key stepping stone to improving economic and living conditions of individual and collectively the society and the country.

At this juncture, the whole of Srishti is involved in expanding this vision by identifying children from different walks of society from under privileged families who cannot afford educating their children. We focus on these children and nurture them through financial support.

But we don’t stop with just that. Srishti is etching out programs where our team will be personally involved in offering “Shiksha” or education to students in the rural segments of India.

This personal involvement helps us implement progressive, out of the box approaches to consistently provide people from different backgrounds with not just employment opportunities, but also freedom, joy, comfort and flexibility. Srishti equips them with thorough training and experience to handle every situation.

Srishti has taken a fresh initiative by building temples in rural, remote places in India that provide consistent employment to priests, cleaners and several others. Srishti personally provides libations products for the temple use that richen the soil.

2018 gave us an unforgettable opportunity and a great start. Srishti has proudly identified physically challenged people and aided them through self-employment opportunities, making them financially independent. We also tend to some of their needs which improves their quality of living.

Srishti is earnestly looking into future initiatives this year such as marathons for causes like cancer, autism, down syndrome; aiding disadvantaged schools; launching women empowerment activities; raising sanitation standards in villages; erecting solar panels.
We have vowed to involve every employee of the organization to handle activities that aid people physically and mentally.

Srishti is proud to distribute brands such as Vitec Imaging Solutions, Profoto which are also committed and involved in CSR activities, aligning with Srishti’s vision.

Our Country is Our Responsibility.