Amrita Samant

Perfecting her niche on new-born and child photography, Amrita Samant’s portfolio covers a staggering 1400 shoots spanning across 10 countries. Her brand Mommy Shots dedicated to capturing joyous moments of babies and children is much loved and a dearly sought after.

Amrita is India’s Sony Artisan, Profoto mentor. With 6 years of mastery and incredible competency, she has built a compelling force of an all-woman team that brought only smiles and joy to hundred happy families. She has also trained hundreds of photographers around the world in the art and business of child photography and brings this experience to bear with her team of specialists at Mommy Shots.

  • Genre - Newborn and Child
  • Location - Chennai, Bangalore and Singapore
  • Profoto Gears - "Profoto B10 - 3 Numbers A1 - 1 Number Profoto Deep XL white umbrella - 3 Numbers "