Ankita Asthana

One of the most top-notch wedding photographers in India, Ankita founded the well-known wedding photography & filming company ‘WeddingNama’. She travels the world capturing timeless love stories and has covered some of the most luxurious destination weddings in India as well as abroad. She is known for capturing beautiful real moments starkingly set amidst the chaos. Her perfection and innovation showing though her art has won her several awards, media publications and exhibition opportunities. Speaking through her photographs, she calls photography her language and her means of expression and connection to this world. Photographing people and telling their story is what keeps her going.

She is a mentor for brands like Harman Technology, Profoto & Nikon. She also founded WNSchool to promote learning with an entry barrier-free philosophy, sharing her expertise and craftmanship to the community.

  • Genre - Wedding & Portraiture
  • Location - Mumbai
  • Profoto Gears - Profoto B10, Profoto A1