Arjun Kamath

An IT engineer-turned-photographer and filmmaker, Arjun Kamath is an award-winning visual storyteller whose journey has taken him from his hometown, Bengaluru to around the world. He hails with a Master’s degree in Film and Television Production from the world’s best film school, the USC School of Cinematic Arts in LA. The pictures he crafts reveal gripping stories and powerful emotions, often exploring socially relevant themes like homosexuality, female infanticide, and racism.

Arjun is a Profoto mentor. Over the last decade, his works have been published by reputed media houses across the globe like Huffington Post, National Geographic, Vogue, and even the United Nations. Along with the art of creating pictorial stories, he explores the genres of fashion and wedding photography, travel portraits, documentaries, and films.

  • Genre - Portraiture & Human Stories
  • Location - Bangalore, India
  • Profoto Gears - Two Profoto B10 + One Profoto B10 Plus + Two Profoto OCF Softbox 2' Octa + One Profoto OCF Softbox 1,3 x 1,3 + Zoom Reflector