Who We Are

" We are the distributors of the finest photography and videography equipments and accessories in India"


About Us

Srishti is a global distribution and marketing company committed to providing the world, the access to top quality imaging technology and associated equipment.

Our Mission is to become world’s leading official importers and marketers of first-class imaging equipment and their services.

Using portfolio of great brands, we seek to develop the most creative, advanced and lucrative experiences through our association with the premium partners in the world.

Our Vision is grounded in the belief that every client is important and should have the access to top photographic brands for achieving the best possible upshot.

As an authorised reseller and distributor, Srishti is built on a business model that is reliable, responsible and reachable.

Starting with off-camera flash to studio lights, background papers to bags to pack-up your camera and accessories, mighty tripods to tether tools, restoring drones, tripods and lights, Srishti aims at providing convenient access for one to learn, experience and purchase their favourite imaging tool.

Providing this universal and convenient access to imaging equipment is the sole purpose of Srishti’s model, pictured above. To provide this access, we strive to satisfy the needs of an incredibly diversified marketplace worldwide.

Srishti Digilife offers a growing portfolio of more than imaging products and accessories including Vitec Imaging Solutions (Manfrotto Photo & Video Supports, Gitzo, Lastolite, Colorama, Joby, National Geographic Bags, Syrp and Ryotec), Profoto, Zeiss, Ilford Photo, Tamron, Tether Tools, Novoflex, X-rite and Kodak Professional.

Business Goal

Being led by a robust leadership, Srishti associates with Business Partners who are the futurists behind some of the most appreciated and beloved brands that are into Imaging Technology. Their prospect for Srishti emphasizes on generating the largest audience possible, by which a revolution in the world of Photography and Cinematography can be fostered.


To deliver the best brands in the industry better than anyone else


Strive to be the best distribution company in the Industry


We have witnessed the changing dynamics of the imaging industry landscape and have drastically expanded our product range.

Srishti at a Glance

2007: Year founded

9 branches: To help people produce their imagination

12 experience zones (approximate number): To provide people an atmosphere to experience, learn and discover more to imagine more

5 Countries and territories in which our products are distributed and marketed

49: Workforce

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been one of the best approaches of giving back to the society. True to this, we, at Srishti Digilife, consciously take efforts to pay back, by supporting the economic, social, environmental welfare of the society.

Our director, R.Vijayakumar, has been involved in educating children from the lower income groups for the last 10 years. His vision that Education is a key factor & necessity in every human being’s life, as knowledge & learning improves one’s own life, economic conditions of his/her family and eventually the society, in turn the country, has been an inspiration to the team.

At this juncture, team Srishti Digilife as a whole is involved in expanding this thought, by identifying children from different walks of society, families that are under privileged who cannot afford educating their children, are nurtured by offering financial support.

The Imaging Destination

With almost a decade of experience and unrivalled achievements in shaping the world of professional photographic and video markets, Srishti’s heritage is a rich and storied one.

A full-line distributor of a variety of leading-edge products ranging from top-notch imaging brands, such as Manfrotto, Profoto, Zeiss, Ilford and a widest range of other imaging accessories. Over the years, it has truly evolved as the fulcrum of modern photography industry by providing its customers with the best services, prices, excellence and fidelity.


Mr. Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, an MBA grad in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville,Kentucky, USA, founded Srishti Digilife Pvt Ltd. in 2007.Having demonstrated keen business abilities at a young age, Vijayakumar founded Srishti by overseeing the growth of one of the most loved and celebrated profession and passion around the world.

Forming a multi crore imaging behemoth with an experience of 15 years and above in Sales &Marketing turned out to empower (or overwhelm) his strong partnership in the imaging and mobile business in India, Central Asia, Africa, and Vietnam to name a few.

Awards : Recognized by the Experts

  • Broadcast India Best Regional Distributor South (2016)
  • Photo Today (Photo & Video award for Best Entrepreneur 2016)
  • Image craft (2016)
  • AAKPA Photo Fest (2016)
  • Photo Today (2016)
  • Image Today (2016)
  • Digital Studio India Best Regional Distributor Broadcast – South (2017)
  • Digital Studio Best Regional Distributor Production - South (2017)
  • Best Trade Show Execution by Vitec imaging (2017)
  • Digital Studio India Best Regional Distributor Broadcast - South (2018)
  • Digital Studio Best Regional Distributor Production - East (2018)