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We believe in being the support system for the entire community of visual storytellers.

Srishti Digilife Pvt., Ltd. (estd. 2007) is an imaging equipment and accessories marketing company with offices in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The company aims to market and sell a wide range of the industry’s best accessories (tripods, lighting equipment, backdrops, camera bags, and more) to suit the needs of a multifarious clientele.

Srishti Digilife’s mission is to “Think Globally & Act Indigenously”. Bearing that in mind, our vision has always been to build a robust distribution network, even better than what it is today. We also strive to have all the renowned international brands in our offering. The world of photography and videography is steadily evolving and expanding and we will be there to ensure this growth continues.

In just a little over a decade, Srishti has grown and successfully expanded its business to market world-renowned brands like Vitec Imaging Solutions (Manfrotto Photo & Video Supports, Gitzo, Avenger, Lastolite, Colorama, National Geographic, Syrp, JOBY), Profoto, Zeiss, Ilford Photo, Ilford Galerie, Tamron, Tether Tools, Novoflex, Kodak Colour Films, Calibrite, MagMod, and Phase One.

Apart from the distribution of imaging equipment, Srishti Digilife is also interested in generating public interest in photography and regularly collaborates with renowned photographers to conduct panel discussions, workshops, seminars, photo walks and other activities.

Who we are: A global aggregator and distribution company of premium photography and videography equipment, offering a diverse range of superior products and services to a large customer base.

What we do: With a portfolio of internationally renowned photographic brands, we seek to bring the most creative and advanced photographic experiences for you. Our portfolio includes a wide selection of premium equipment – flash units, lights, and videography equipment, superior quality tripods and camera bags, zoom lens, and also, all essential photography gear for the up and coming category – the mobile phones.

Why associate with us: At Srishti Digilife, we are passionate about photography. And we are always excited to associate with anyone and everyone who shares our passion for excellence. We deal with the world’s leading brands, so you can achieve the best possible upshot. As our business associate and our customer, you can rest assured of being offered the finest from Srishti at all times.


Passion and excellence are fundamental to everything we do at Srishti Digilife. As an authorised reseller and distributor, we have built our business on the credos of reliability, responsiveness, and reach. Our vision sets out the framework for the future, and led by that we seek to grow, year after year.

PURPOSE: To be the support system for an entire community of visual storytellers.

At Srishti, we are very driven in our foundational purpose to foster visual literacy, and aid visual communicators to produce the finest images, and create exciting stories. We respect both the art and the artist, and we are determined to deliver nothing but our best. We understand that knowledge and awareness are elemental for the Indian photography industry to grow and flourish. And so, we constantly look for ways to cultivate interest in the visual arts.


At Srishti, everything we do is built on integrity, reliability, and ingenuity. We believe in honest communication, building stable, trustworthy relationships with our clients, and providing reliable services.

Our core values ensure that we are genuine and transparent in everything we do. Each one of us at Srishti – employees and mentors alike – embodies these values and tries to bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table. We are continually in the process of reinventing ourselves. Guided by our principles, we seek to explore, evolve and expand, thereby pushing the boundaries of the photographic community.

At Srishti Digilife, we respect the power of human intellect and believe that behind every creator there is an artist. We also accept as true that photography is a major force behind the understanding of the human race.

In collaboration with UNSUNG Foundation, Srishti Digilife sponsors a grant in order to encourage upcoming photographers- “UNSUNG–The Srishti Digilife Grant for Photography”. An annual grant of INR 1,00,000/- will be awarded to a documentary/art photographer nominated by a panel of 3 members.