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Srishti Digilife presents Imaging Experts, a team of top notch, exemplary photographers from across India, specialising in wide-ranging genres from travel, to maternity, to high fashion.

Each mentor brings an array of fresh perspectives and expertise to the table. Constantly thinking out of the box and creating unique, mind-bending imagery, they leave afterimages lingering on your mind for a lifetime. Watch this space for more of their work.

Our Experts

Auditya Venkatesh


Arjun Menon

Ganesh Vanare

Hridgandha Mistry


Navaneeth Unnikrishnan


Ravi Dhingra

Roshani Shah

Sakshi lodha


Shaaz Jung

Subhash Nair

Sushmitha Tadakamadla

Tania Chatterjee