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Srishti Events Audi

About the Speaker:

Auditya Venkatesh (aka Audi)!  He’s not just a believer in the magic of upbringing shaping your creations, he’s practically the conductor of that magic orchestra. With wanderlust in his veins and adventure as his BFF, he is like a superhero of experiences. If life were a buffet, he’d be the one stacking his plate high with new stories and bold flavors.

A content conjurer!  He turns everyday into extraordinary, challenges into stepping stones. Social media is not just a platform for him, it’s his canvas, his megaphone to reach out to fellow photo dreamers. ‘Audi Photography,’ the fantastical realm he’s built, where pixels dance and passions connect! Ready to dive into his world? It’s like stepping into a kaleidoscope of creativity!