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Srishti Events

Nestled at Kadamakudy, a haven where every sunrise and sunset unfurls its breathtaking colors, you will find yourself immersed in capturing the celestial moments. It’s a canvas blessed with boats, fishermen, rustic huts, enchanting Chinese nets, and tranquil waters that effortlessly reflects the dance of birds above.

A stone’s throw from Enakulam city, it’s an accessible paradise for all. Here, nature parades in all its glory, a perfect backdrop to unravel the secrets of photography.

Join us in a session that dives into the craft. We’ll unravel the art of capturing perfection – sharing insights on gear, tips, and post-processing wizardry.

As the sun dips, we’ll gather to showcase our creations, applauding the triumphs and learning from the slips. In the company of fellow enthusiasts, we’ll enrich our skills and unravel the world of nature’s visual poetry. Let’s create, learn, and explore – capturing not just images but memories etched in time.

About Jidhun MG:

Meet Jidhun MG, a seasoned Indian-born landscape and aerial photographer with an artistic journey spanning over a decade. His lens is his brush, painting breathtaking vistas of the world’s most captivating destinations. Fuelled by wanderlust, he globe-trots, capturing moments that tell tales, sharing these visual stories with a global audience.

With an insatiable curiosity for the unseen, Jidhun’s quest is to reveal places from angles that steal your breath away. His canvas isn’t just the landscapes; it’s the perfect interplay of light and nature.

This photographic explorer has traversed over a dozen countries, immersing himself in the wildest corners of the Earth – from Iceland’s icy splendor to Italy’s romantic vistas, and beyond. Currently, he’s Samsung India Mobile’s Galaxy creator, his work resonating with brands like Xiaomi, Honor, Johnny Walker, and Tripoto.

Jidhun MG isn’t just a photographer; he’s a visual storyteller, an artist who crafts emotions through his lens, transporting us to the unseen.