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Srishti Digilife is proud to present “Making a Difference: The Srishti Fundraiser for Museo”. The event hosts a series of interactive online sessions with India’s top photographers from a variety of genres seeking an initiative to save the Museo Camera in Delhi, a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated solely to the photographic arts. The museum was established by celebrated Indian photographer and visual historian, Aditya Arya in 2009 and is distinctive for its vast collection of vintage cameras, and other photographic equipment, tracing the history of the field pf photography. It also has immense cultural value as it has huge gallery spaces for organizing events, teaching facilities, studios for workshops and a library.

Let’s come together to preserve this exceptional and rare piece of history for the future generations to see and experience.

With 9 sessions with some of India’s finest photographers, we hope to not only garner support for Museo Camera, but also to ensure that the art of photography keeps continuing to thrive.

About the speakers

Amrita Samant – A Sony Artisan, and a Profoto Mentor, she has completed over 1400 maternity, newborn, and child photo shoots in 10 countries. Her company, Mommy Shots, has a compelling, all-woman team that has brought joy to hundreds of families. She has also trained hundreds of photographers in the art and business of Child Photography.

Arjun Menon – An editorial travel and commercial automotive photographer and the founder of Art Leaves A Mark. His personal projects have been featured on Buzzfeed, NDTV, and Vogue India. He’s a prominent TEDx speaker and is also an alumnus of Sir Robert Swan’s International Expedition to Antarctica.

Auditya Venkatesh – A strong believer in the fact that upbringing has a large part to play in whatever you create, Auditya Venkatesh, fondly called Audi, loves travelling, and new experiences. A content creator in every sense of the term, he loves challenges and creating extraordinary out of the ordinary. He loves and believes in the power of social media and has built a huge community for himself with his trademark ‘Audi Photography’.

Avinash Gowariker – A celebrated celebrity photographer, Avinash Gowariker’s body of work includes an array of personalities from Amitabh Bachchan to Hema Malini and Sachin Tendulkar. He enjoys creating the inherent drama in shooting genres like Film Posters as well as Portraiture, Editorial and Fashion. With his camera, he creates a momentary, buzzing and a self-contained universe.

Ganesh Vanare – Most popularly known by his Instagram handle, @haram_khor_, Ganesh Vanare is a travel and street photographer who loves to create content with everything he sees. He is passionate about travelling and portraying how beautiful, unique and different the world is through his body of work.

Photriya Venky – With an experience of over 15 years, 1100 weddings and a million smiles, passion is what drives Photriya Venky . He has conducted more than 100 workshops all over the world and has three studios in the cities of Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Vijayawada. Photriya Venky offers Wedding, Event, Fashion, Cinema and Portrait photography to a variety of clients around the world.

Ravi Dhingra – After a long stint in corporate finance, hobby turned to passion, and Ravi Dhingra turned into a professional photographer. With more than 20 years in Lifestyle photography which includes Architecture & Interiors, Food, Portraits and Products, his work has been widely published in advertising campaigns, magazines and on several online portals.

Sudhir Ramchandran – Sudhir Ramchandran is an award-winning Photographer and a Visual Strategist who maintains a rich and relevant visual storytelling narrated with insightful understanding of the brands’ core values, photographed with authenticity to produce absolutely trustworthy, desired results.

Tarun Khiwal – Tarun Khiwal is among India’s leading fashion photographers and a true maverick. Recognized and featured internationally, his experimental style and finesse transformed Fashion photography in India and gave it a global edge while also ushering in a new era of exploration.

Vineet Vohra – A self-taught photographer, Vineet Vohra started APF Magazine in 2011 with his brother with the intent to provide a platform for emerging photographers, artists, and designers and to create opportunities for them to showcase their work. He is a Leica Ambassador, the first ever Indian in the history of Leica.

Varun Aditya – A leading wildlife photographer from India, Varun Aditya is known for his vibrant, under-exposed and unique story-telling compositions. His images have been published regularly on BBC, Apple, National Geographic, Huffpost and many others.