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srishti events

“Doing My Thing”; conceptualizing on this moto, Vanshdeep Singh Sisodia, who hails from Bhopal, at a mere age of 21, has become a brand in photography. He is a live example of how a hobby with passion and die-hard love becomes a successful choice in a career. He won the MP Tourism #CitywalksFestival 2018 and was highly appreciated for his iconic click which was commendably done with a phone while others in the competition were DSLR holders. His cinematographic skills inviting 35000 followers on Instagram, narrates the saga of how creativity can arm one’s life. He is also our influencer for Joby Apart from his achievements, he has been a motivational speaker and have had been conducting workshops linked to photography across the nation. A few years back he was approached by Thrillophilia to motivate and influence people regarding traveling, filmmaking, and photography. He was even nominated for TEDx BitsPilani as their motivational speaker.