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A masterclass by Profoto Academy’s lighting experts, David Bicho and Anders Hannola, in collaboration with Srishti Digilife, was held in Mumbai, spanning over two days, with seminars and a hands-on workshop for over 50 visitors. The masterclass shed light on numerous lighting techniques and tips, ingenious ways to get the most out of your equipment and the secrets behind achieving a perfectly lit photograph regardless of ambient light.

The experience was remarkable to say the least. Listening to David and Anders of Profoto Academy, their need for thoroughness and accuracy, their certainty in their ability to control light regardless of the time and weather of the day, and achieving their envisioned picture exactly on point down to every detail like the perfect angles of the slivers of light enchanted and left participants with an unforgettable experience

Their fascinating skills don’t just lie in their incredible photography but also their ability to visualize something unique and their commitment to recreating every bit of the picture they had envisioned from scratch with whatever resources available. Every shot, every pixel in the frame was planned and intentional, obliterating any room for lucky accidents and demonstrating their solid expertise over the art. David is extremely particular about every element of his frame and his meticulous attention to detail leave you gaping without words. The difference that he demonstrates a single millimetre can make in creating a picture-perfect photograph is simply astounding. Nothing was left to happenstance. Every choice was deliberate.

Achieving the perfect lighting can be a very tricky and finicky process. Making the best out of available lighting and tweaking it with editing software until you achieve an image you want is shockingly simpler. David and Anders, however, wield their light-shaping powers like skilled swordsmen – every move is precise, accurate. The final image looks stunning, with absolutely no requirement of any editing software in the slightest. It doesn’t matter what natural light David and Anders have since they expertly shape artificial lights to get precisely what they want. Mimicking a hot summer’s day when the sky outside is overcast with clouds, capturing the golden glow of the setting sun when it’s ten in the morning is a walk in the park for these two lighting wizards